The origins of the skin

From the very childhood we know that skin is one of the materials that is used in many ways. But have you thought that the skin is one of the oldest and most valuable discoveries of mankind.

Our ancestors have hunted animals for ages, to have something to eat, then from their skin made clothes, shoes and also used leather to to arrange dwelling. Like at that time, nowadays the skin is mostly by-product. Animals are mainly grown for the production of meat, dairy products and wool, but not specially for the production of skin. Approximately half of the produced leather is used for footwear production and only 25% for clothing production and about 15% of the total production amuont is used in production of furniture. The use of leather is already depicted in wall paintings in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is evident that things such as sandals, clothes, gloves, baskets, bottles, shroud were made from the leather. Leather was also used in the manufacture of military items.

Skin tanning, which is a natural and environmentally friendly skin treatment process, is believed to have begun in Greece, where the ancient Greeks, using certain wooden barrels, dipped their skin in solution of leaves and bark of trees, so that the skin would gain longevity and could be stored and used to create different things. These are the first evidences of tanned skin, which became one of the most important trading things in ancient Greece. The Romans found a wide range of use for the leather, including shoes, clothes and also military equipment – shields, saddles and other horse-riding gear. Leather is still used today for these needs, there are only changes in leather types and leather processing technologies. But we will tell about later.

Andrii Art also uses the vegetable tanned leather that is known from ancient times to make our belts, that would serve in long-term. The thicknes of the leather we use if 3.0-3.4 mm, which provides sustainability of the belt. As one of our customers said by assessing the quality of our belts and leather – the belt has a pleasant skin thickness, skin smell and creaking.