How to choose belt width

We would like to tell You a little bit about that what kind of belt width we are making in Andrii Art masterstudio.

We do not claim to be absolutely right that our belt widths are the only standard to be followed, but by exploring world practices, benchmarks and offers, we have come directly to these belt widths. You can wear any belt in any pants, as long as it can get through the trouser loops.

You will ask what will those width affect and why exactly these width?

The 3.5cm wide are intended to be worn in classic style trousers, but of course also will fit for the free time pants. Buckle manufacturers try to make 3.5cm wide belt buckles more elegant and solid, but this does not mean that belts with such width and buckles can not be worn either on free time trousers or jeans. Belts with this width are also suitable for ladies.

4cm wide belts are worn with jeans and leisure time pants. The buckles are slightly more massive and are available with a freer, more artistic design. There are also customers who choose to wear belts with such a width to classic style trousers, but you should be careful whether this belt will go through the trouser “loops”.

Belts with both width looks great with different types of engravings – both initials and different types of drawings. All that remains is to allow your fantasy to work!