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    “It is an option for the recipient to choose an accessory or design item for themselves, or to creatively enjoy the process of assembling their belt...”


    Accessories in man’s wardrobe

    The personality is highlighted not only by human nature, education, beliefs and everything else that is inherent to man, but personality can also be enhanced by the features of the outer form. Fashion connoisseurs mention a lot of different accessories that are essential co-creators of th etotal image – necktie, eyeglasses, cufflinks, socks and purses, […]

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    Blog – almost everyone has heard such a term. And such title associates with a specific person, its thoughts, routine or diary in electronic format.  Blogs are presented in different formats. It is believed that the first blog was, created by Justin Halls in 1994, when he was a student. At that time it […]

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    The belt care and what NOT to do

    Do you think the leather goods you have bought behave differently as your own skin? If you don’t take care of the skin, it begins to dry out, begins to peel, flaw, it ages – everything is almost the same as with our own skin! Each belt we make comes with a user manual that […]

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