A short history of the belt

We will continue to introduce you to various facts about and around the processing of the leather, the production of products and as always do not claim for absolute and only truth. With such standards and techniques we work at Andrii Art.

Have you ever wondered who invented the belts? Their history goes back a long time ago when the belt fulfilled not only a practical function, but also pointed out to the gender and status of the wearer. Originally, belts were used to keep clothes together, such as tunics, so that they did not get loose and they were made of both cloth and ropes. Later, belts were used to put weapons, tools or other things that are needed on a daily basis behind them.. And only from the beginning of the 20th century, the belts began to fulfill the function known to us – holding trousers. Belts should be at least two in the wardrobe, especially if you wear them daily? Why – they also need to rest. It is best to keep the belt hanged so that it stretches out by its natural weight, because wearing belt in everyday life it leans and also occupies the wearer’s shape. By hanging the belt, you not only straighten it, but also give it a chance to dry, despite that you may thin that you are not wetting the belt, but the person releases a certain amount of sweat on a daily basis and everyday everything is absorbed also in the belt. Belt, like human skin, require feeding. Therefore, the belt should be fed once a year with a leather care product. Smear in the balm or lotion, allow the product to restrain, and then polish with a soft cloth, removing excess that does not soak in the belt.

Together with the belts made by Andrii Art, we are giving a gide / instruction how to take care, so that the belt would serve you for a long time and beforehand prevent the usage of the belt in an unapropriate way, not for its intended use and not taking care of the belt with care products that will damage the belt.