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The belt care and what NOT to do

Do you think the leather goods you have bought behave differently as your own skin? If you don’t take care of the skin, it begins to dry out, begins to peel, flaw, it ages – everything is almost the same as with our own skin!

Each belt we make comes with a user manual that specifies what do NOT do with a belt, so that it does not lose its original appearance.

We want to tell you what are the factors affecting the skin condition and what to do with it:

Do not hold leather garment for a long time in high temperature. The leather reinforcely looses natural moisture, it dries out. One of the biggest enemies of the leather is dehydration. Dry skin should be regularly groomed to prevent cracking and drying out. Once a year, the leather belt must be noursihed with a leather-nourishing balm or cream intended for the car’s leather care or shoe care or furniture care. We use a lotion containing mink oil, beeswax and is gasoline-free. The cream is very rich with mink oil which is not greasy and  absorbs very well allowing it to feed the leather deeper, while also softening and protecting it. After this cream the product does not remain greasy, as it is with other creams. In any case, after application of the product, the excess must then cleaned with a soft cloth.

Do not store leather belt in direct sunlight  for a long time. The colour gets pale in the direct, long term ultra violet light.

Avoid soaking the belt with liquids (water, etc.), but if it gets wet, it should be dried as soon as possible by hanging. After drying, nourish it with a cream.

Avoid belt contact with chemicals, solvents or paints. Never use chemicals to clean the belt.

Keep the belt in dry place and certainly not in a closed plastic bag. It is best to keep the belt in hanged (on a wooden or plastic hanger) to keep the belt in its shape.

Clean the belt only with a soft cloth in order not to scratch the leather.

When wearing a belt, its moistening with the human sweat is unavoidable. A person is sweating and everybody are sweating – some does more, some less and sweat also gets on the belt, either through clothes or directly.

It may seem strange to you that we point out that you can NOT swim with the belt, but experience shows that there are also such cases.

Each Andrii Art belt, before it goes to its owner, is moistured with a cream, impregnated with oils – fed, softened. The belt to the client goes already with a pleasant murmur, creaky sound and a pleasant leather scent.

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