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Bank cards

Did you know that the origins of the payment card system are already known since 1946, when Brooklyn’s banker John Higgin invented the settlements of the Bank with the Charge-it system.

This form of payment envisaged that customers, when making small purchases in the store, signed receipts which the store afterwards submitted them to the bank and the bank settled the money from customer account and returned the money to the store for purchased goods. This payment system was only available to customers of this particular bank. Five years later, the bank issued its first payment card.

The first payment card as we know it today, available to a wide range of people, appeared in 1949 when it was introduced to Diners Club America to its customers. This card was already fulfilling a full function and the bank has been directly involved in the mediation functions between client and commercial structures. This card was counted as a debit card, but in reality it was fullfilling credit card functions, where, at the end of the month, the corresponding amounts of money from the client’s account were debited, according to the bill that was issued to them.

At the beginning the card was made of cardboard and celluloid. But after the launch of the American Express card in 1959, the cards were already made of plastic.

Why do we tell it? Because we want to draw your attention to the fact that the card payment system is convenient and also at Andrii Art you can pay for the purchased products with a Bank Card, because, as we walk along with time, we have been using the POS terminal for more than a year, and we can always take it comfortably with us. It’s convenient and fast not only for us, but also for our customers.

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