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Accessories in man’s wardrobe

The personality is highlighted not only by human nature, education, beliefs and everything else that is inherent to man, but personality can also be enhanced by the features of the outer form.

Fashion connoisseurs mention a lot of different accessories that are essential co-creators of th etotal image – necktie, eyeglasses, cufflinks, socks and purses, etc.. However, we have chosen the most important men’s outfit accessories and co-creators of the image, which we usually refer to our customers.

1. Watch – not only counts time, but is one of the most important accessories that emphasize mens individuality and style. The watch can be both sporty and classic, with different types of dials, different color variations, mechanical and electronic. Watches that are worth more than one million and has a long years of history, dating back to the 1700s and still being produced today, has created its own prestigious brand and there are also watches that are loved and inherited from generation to generation.

2. Shoes – without a doubt, our eyes takes a glance at the shoes that a person is wearing. And the shoes are one of the externally eye-catching elements of style. Leather, fabric, colorful, classic, sporty, classic and sporty in combination. And the main thing is clean and well-groomed, although we often see those who have been idle for some time and are tired, dirty.

3. Belt. How we can not mention belts.  Belt not only performs its purpose functionally, but it can be made as an accent in the overall image by choosing a brighter, colorfull, more textured or patterned skin, with engracing, also choosing the appropriate buckle with an accent. Who said that the belt should be classy elegant? You have to dare to choose bright belt and believe us – more brighter, different and more eye-catching belt will fit for any outfit.

If you dare to choose different than most people do, then at Andrii Art you have the opportunity to assemble a belt that will be original, brave and totaly crazy!

Your perfect choice for yourself and others!
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