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Blog – almost everyone has heard such a term. And such title associates with a specific person, its thoughts, routine or diary in electronic format. 

Blogs are presented in different formats. It is believed that the first blog was Links.net, created by Justin Halls in 1994, when he was a student. At that time it was not called a blog but a personal diary. In 1997, the term “weblogs” was created. This term was invented by George Barger instead of “logging the Web”.

Quoting Māra Kūla’s article -Personal Latvian Language, published in the newspaper “Diena” on April 17, 2007, an explanation of the English “blog” can be found here – on the Internet.
And, namely, “blogs are periodic, sequential publication of people (not staff) thoughts and network links on the Internet.” “Blog” is an abbreviation of “Web Log” and reflects what happens in the blogers personal or work life and on the Internet, and it combines diary and reference elements. Each reader can interact with the author of a particular blog and other readers; blogs are also called in full name as “web log” or “weblog”.

Latvian linguists recommend blogs to be called other way, but Andrii art will stick to the name BLOG.

Blogging, or describing one’s life, events, or interests, has taken a solid communication niche nowadays. Social sites are no longer imaginable without bloggers who post their views, explaining things, creating video material, advertise or present a wide variety of things that are being passed to them from different pruducers, manufacturers and dealers. Blogging for a long time now is profitable and even prestigious occupation. You even cannot understand what is more prestigious – to be a president of a country or to be a blogger? 🙂 It’s even scary to imagine how much power bloggers have to influence people. Therefore, every bloger has to think about how big the responsibility is for what they are writing, doing, or telling.

Andrii Art’s website/online store also has a blog section. There You can read everything what is important to Andrii Art – everything about belts, about skin, about tools, about Andrii Art. The purpose of the blog is not only to tell about what is happening in Andrii Art, but also to educate about the different areas related to products and their production. Blogs are written not just because of what interests us but also to build a dialogue with our site visitors.

Andrii Art wants to be not only a manufacturer of beautiful things, but also a friend who provides additional knowledge about the areas where we gain knowledge every day.

See you in the blog section and we are also looking for suggestions from you about what you want to read!

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