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    Gift card



    A gift card is a great way to please someone, giving them the opportunity to choose their favorite accessory or design item, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the process of assembling their own belt by choosing the color of the belt, buckle, screws, monogram or engraving of an exclusive shaped form end of the chosen belt.


    You can buy a gift card only Electronically:

    The gift card is sent to the email provided at the time of purchase. When making a purchase, the code that was sent together with the gift card should be entered in the relevant window.


    The minimum amount of a gift card is 25.00 EUR:

    If the value of the item to be purchased is greater than the amount indicated on the Gift Card, it can be used as a partial payment of the value of the item, with the remaining value being paid in addition.


    Expiration date:

    3 months from the moment of purchase of the gift card, with no possibility to extend it. The expiration date is indicated on the gift card.


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