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    The belt constructor gives you the ability to assemble the belt by choosing the leather color, buckle pattern, amount of belt holes, the design of the belt end, and the opportunity to personalize the belt with an initials or other laser engraving.

    For the assembled and ordered belt, Your given size will adjust to middle hole and there will be two or one more hole to each side, taking into account the amount of holes You will choose. The distance between the holes is 2.5cm.

    The belt will be made within 5 business days of receiving the order.

    The belt has a 1 year warranty.

    Belts are made of high quality Italian leather. Each belt has a certificate of warranty with an individual number issued by a consortium / guild, which combines natural, vegetable taned leather manufacturers. The warranty certificate proves the high quality of the leather and each certificate is assigned with a unique number, which is registered in the consortium database. More information:

    Each belt is packed in an elegant box and instructions of use and a warranty certificate is added

    Constructor description

    Men’s belt constructor

    (7 customer reviews)


    7 reviews for Men’s belt constructor

    1. Julija

      Thank you! The product, quality and service are great! Good luck and growth!

    2. Anita

      Thank you, Andris, for the nicest gift for my son. I especially liked the fact that you can change the circumference and initials of course. My personal appreciation for the delivery service to Norway. You tried very hard and it is rare to expect a craftsman to be so heartily involved.

    3. Ilze

      Well, 5 years have passed since I gave my husband a belt. The quality is just amazing. Serves well. I recommend to buy.

    4. Agita

      Very high-quality belts made with special care 🤩 Can be used as a beautiful personalized gift for a loved one, dad, brother or business partner👌

    5. Dana

      The morning started off fantastic today!!! With a call of gratitude to the great handyman Andris, because when writing, excitement cannot be conveyed, but rather expressed! The first excitement when opening the package! The smell that came out of the box and it was not a leather smell, but a sexy men’s cologne! 🥰 The second delight is the belt itself, which I made in the men’s belt constructor. 🥰 The belt is fantastic! I am very grateful for the quality work. The husband’s question was: “Is it really made in Latvia?” I won’t lie if I say that no expensive brand stands close to our own Latvian craftsmen! It is not for nothing that the saying goes: “Uz Tukumu pēc Smukuma” The constructor is convenient, simple, easy to understand, even for people who may unacquainted with a computer. I know this definitely won’t be the only order!

    6. Ina

      Thank you very much! Love it, fantastic gift.

    7. Elina

      We appreciate and support our locals, because the belts that we have bought for ourselves and given to our friends are really great, high quality and also pleasing to the eye. I recommend👌 thank you, Andris😉

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