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    Belt ordering at customer's


    Andrii Art wants to provide its customers with high quality and high level service, therefore we offer clients in Riga, near Riga, Jurmala to come to make an order during our face-to-face meeting. You can order belt also by coming to our masterstudio.

    Why is it beneficial?

    There is an opportunity to see our leather color samples in real life, also belt buckles, different design of belt ends, and see how the engraving on the skin looks like.

    If it is difficult for a client to choose from a wide range of materials, together we find out the wishes and portrait of the potential belt wearer and complete the most suitable belt option.

    How to arrange ordering face-to-face?

    You can contact us by calling +371 26365655 or fill out the contact form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time and place for you to accept your order. Ordering face-to-face is a possibility to get a better price for you and also a wider range of personalized engraving options.

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