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    Dekoratīva bilde
    Dekoratīva bilde
    Dekoratīva bilde


    Andrii Art is a cherished and carefully planned soul work of Andris Mihalskis. The company was established in February 2016 and is growing and developing since then. The company’s main products are hand made leather belts, but various other leather goods are also made.

    Andris Mihaļskis

    Owner / Idea author / Artist / The creative heart of the company

    Andrii Art is long cherished and carefully planned soul work of Andris Mihalskis. Anyone who comes to the master studio asks about what has been the path to start to work with the leather.
    Andris has worked for many years in the field of technical rental business, until one morning, when he opened a newspaper, he saw the article about the guy who is making leather belts. This was the moment of enlightenment about what he would like to do in life. For two years a market research was done on what is needed in order to work with leather and make leather belts – what tools, resources, what is the market competition, etc. Everything that is created Andris has gained by self-taught learning. This is both – a hard work and a fate that has opened new horizons to do what he likes and is close to the heart. This is a hobby, work and everyday livelihood in one. Complete life enjoyment !

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